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Huntsville Coca-Cola Rebrands

By Ricky Santos

October 5, 2023

Huntsville Coca-Cola Rebrands

Huntsville Coca-Cola is always striving to stay at the forefront of the distribution industry for its customers and employees; whether that’s our benefits, distribution, products, technology, or more. Huntsville Coca-Cola has had a long history of service and has evolved over time. In our efforts to stay up to date with the company’s current endeavors, Huntsville Coca-Cola recently underwent a rebranding. The rebranding project included a new logo as well as an easy to use website. 

The rebranding effort was designed for us to be easily recognizable in the market and reflect on the identity of Coca-Cola. The rebranding was done by Adelsberger Marketing, a digital marketing agency based out of Jackson, TN. 

The rebranded logo not only highlights Coca-Cola’s classic bottling, but also pays homage to the city of Huntsville with its rocket design. “Huntsville Coca-Cola is proud to distribute Coca-Cola products to Huntsville and surrounding areas and we hope that our new logo reflects just that,” says Chief Operating Officer, Gary Tucker. 

The website was created so that current and potential clients are able to access our product line, information about our company, careers, ways of contacting us, and more. The website also allows for potential employees to learn more about our history, culture, and what job opportunities are available. 

“We’re excited to show Huntsville and surrounding areas our rebranding efforts and for them to be able to use our website for quick, easy, and efficient use,” says Tucker.